Planning Your Wedding- You Should Use Our Happily Hitched Wedding Planner


Your wedding is likely one of the largest and most elaborate events that you will plan. Many brides spend at least six to nine months planning their wedding, and some even take more time to ensure that all of the details are perfect. At first glance, wedding planning can be exciting, and you may have been dreaming about how perfect your big day would be for years before you got engaged.
However, now that the time has arrived to start making plans and confirming reservations, you may understandably feel overwhelmed. After all, there are many details that must all come together perfectly to have the wedding of your dreams. Investing in a quality wedding planner is a great first step to take, and the Happily Hitched planner is the perfect choice.

Creating Wedding Goals and Plans

The Happily Hitched wedding planner has four distinct sections, and these include sections for Goals, Projects, Financials and Plans. As you begin your wedding planning efforts, you will need to create a firm budget to work within, and you will need to consider the type of wedding that you can have within that budget. Making your actual plans and confirming reservations is much easier to do and far less stressful when you already have the picture-perfect idea of a dream wedding in mind. Brides often tend to second guess themselves, and you can forego this experience when you can easily pinpoint exactly what you want. Proper budgeting and planning is necessary to accomplish this, and the Happily Hitched wedding planner can help you to think through all aspects of your wedding before you start contacting vendors.

Organizing Your Thoughts

As you get deeper into the planning process, you will have to make detailed decisions. This includes decisions about the color and type of flowers you want, what style of cake you want, which cake flavor you want, what your dress will look like, the venue location, your reception entertainment, your catered options and more. You may gather many brochures, samples and clips of photos as you explore the options. The Happily Hitched wedding planner provides you with a convenient place to store these items. Each section of the folder has a pocket that you can use to store additional items in one convenient location. This helps to keep you organized.

Pulling Everything Together

The Happily Hitched wedding planner is designed to walk you through the entire planning process. It assists with your initial budgeting and dreaming process. It also assists with helping you to make final decisions about which vendors to hire. In addition, it provides you with a convenient place to store all contacts and to gather paperwork for contracts you have signed. In the days before your wedding, you will want to contact your vendors to confirm their services. Because all of your information is in one convenient location, you can rest assured that you will not overlook any important details.

There are many wedding planners on the market, but the Happily Hitched planner is ideal for your needs. It even has an attractive, high-quality binding that makes it an excellent keepsake to hang onto. Consider investing in the Happily Hitched planner as soon as you start planning your wedding.

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Ladies It’s Time To Get Organized- How Planning Your Meals Can Make You More Sane


Is your too busy life making you a little crazy? Soccer practice, piano lessons, dinner meeting, hot yoga, volunteer committee, and so many other obligations every. single. day. Who has time to plan meals? With your Hustle Daily Planner, you can easily get meal planning under control and save your sanity. If you are working out and not getting the results you want, either in your clothing fitting better, or the scale, then meal prepping might be your ticket. Check out our 21 day fix post to learn more about meal prepping.

Meal Prepping And Working Out
Let’s take a look at how food planning works. You need to get a general idea of what your plan will look like and start with basic goals. Begin with one week at a time so you won’t be overwhelmed. You will want to develop a budget that includes groceries and eating out for the whole week. There should be some level of flexibility in the plan as there are always unexpected things that can arise.

In each weekly section of your Hustle Daily Planner, you will find an area for a weekly grocery list and budget. Also, on each individual day, there is an area designated for meal planning and/or eating out. These sections are specifically designed to help keep you on track with your food planning and your budget.

Now usually you are pulling your hair out every night looking frantically around the kitchen for something to shove into mouths so they stop saying “What’s for dinner?” Am I right?? Not any more!!! Now you are a planner!!! Let’s play out a few days in a meal plan. According to your planner, Monday is a regular day with no special activities. You can plan a normal weeknight meal. Tuesday evening is soccer practice and you know you will need something pretty quick so you plan a crock pot meal that will be ready when you walk in the door.

Wednesday is your husband’s birthday so you are fixing his favorite meal that is reasonable on a weeknight. Thursday is business meetings all day, your boss is flying into town, and piano lessons. Thursday is a hot mess. You are asking hubby to pick up something to bring home for dinner. By Friday, you will be exhausted so it’s a toss up. You can do another crock pot meal. It is possible you have some leftovers. You can do soup and sandwiches or another simple dinner.

The idea behind all of this is to match your schedule with your meal plan. On a night you have late meetings or practice, do not plan a meal requiring lots of prep or cooking time. It is too stressful. Work smarter, not harder, ladies.

Food planning also helps tremendously with the budget. If you stop at the grocery store three times a week, you are impulse buying way more than you should. If you meal plan for the week and buy what is needed for all of your meals, I guarantee you will spend less. Put your Hustle Daily Planner to work organizing your meals and saving your sanity! You can even add a Fancy Pants Clear Catch All to your planner for coupons to save even more. Happy Fitness And Happy planning!!

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Win Before You Begin- Why Writing Your Game Plan Down Helps You Succeed


A lot of people do not know how to prioritize their life. Almost 70% of U.S. residents report that they are comfortable with carrying debt throughout their life. Planning to be in debt is a recipe for financial slavery. You will not succeed in business if you are coming into it with the mindset that money grows on trees.

Establish Your Plan to Win

A plan to win depends on the person writing it. Most U.S. people define winning as achieving happiness. They max out their credit and timecards trying to get happiness. The result is stress and never achieving the freedom that they want. Getting a winning plan requires defining what your life plan is. Many businesses like to assume that they are doing fine until they go into bankruptcy. A good example is the Kodak corporation. Although the digital camera was invented by one of their engineers, they fell to economic pressure because their executives were too stubborn to adopt the new technology.

A plan to win requires letting go of what we think is best. Many people define a winning plan as maximizing personal happiness and satisfaction at the expense of those around them. The problem with this ideal is you end up with a small disciplined minority supporting the large indigent majority. Stephen Covey recommends that we practice future-oriented thinking. It might feel good to buy these expensive shoes right now on our credit card. However, 5 years from now, those expensive shoes are not going to feel so expensive. Our wallet will feel much emptier. Thinking through what will happen in the future if we do something attractive in the present is a powerful method to apply.

Paper Life Analysis

A paper life analysis can help you discover where you need to improve. Stephen Covey identifies four priority quadrants in our life that should be practiced. The most important is the quadrant of necessity. These are the life-changing and essential things that we need to do. Things like working regularly, maintaining our relationships, and eating healthy. Covey then identifies a quadrant of quality. This is the quadrant that involves building long-term value and character development. The third quadrant involves deceiving things. Deceiving things are things that look good, but are robbing you of growth. This could be unhealthy relationships that you enjoy, talking on the phone or a highly paid job that is ruining your marriage. The final priority quadrant has to do with wasteful activities. Wasteful activities are obvious things that ruin our life, like drinking or smoking.


Using the wisdom of expert life planners can help us avoid the mistakes of other people. Many people try to make their life work without really thinking deeply about how. Setting aside some time each day to think carefully about what is really important will pay big dividends in the long run. We only have one life now to live. Do not waste it living someone else’s life. Particularly if that life is a damaging one.

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The Benefits of Using A Bound [Luxury] Wedding Planner


Happily Hitched From STARTplanner. The Ultimate Luxury Wedding Planner

Planning for the perfect wedding takes a lot of hard work. It not only involves a ton of preparation, and it’s an ongoing process. Wedding planning cannot be done in a single sitting; it’s a game of waiting for responses and assessing schedules. Trying to efficiently schedule everything can be quite the challenge. To get the job done you need to have a planning partner that can handle all the aspects of this time-consuming game.

Our recommendation would to make the whole organizational process a memory maker. All the calls, receipts and exchanges are all part of your married legacy. So plan on capturing and preserving those memories with Happily Hitched our ultimate wedding planner.

Happily Hitched Planner from Kristy Dickerson

During the season of wedding planning you will probably take your planning mate with you wherever you go. You never know when that vendor is going to call you back or when you are going to have to add something to the ever-growing timeline.

With all the carrying around and travel miles acquired, your planner may face some physical abuse. In addition, when considering the amount of times it’s going to be flipped open and closed you don’t want to buy one that could come apart at the seams. If you are thinking of buying an inexpensive, paperback planner you may want to rethink that strategy; it is likely that such a flimsy wedding planner will not even remain intact by the time your big day rolls around.

In addition to handling the process of wedding planning, there’s another reason why it’s important to buy a solid planner. You’ll want to have it after the wedding to use as well. You’d be surprised how often these books are turned to even after the vows have been exchanged and the last guest has stumbled off the dance floor. The records established during wedding planning will be referred to time and time again.


For example, friends might later want to get the name or number of the fantastic florist you used. Or perhaps someone wants to attain some information about one of your wedding venues you rented out. It’s amazing how much idea “borrowing” takes place following a beautiful and memorable wedding.

You also will want to buy a planner that’s going to last because there may be things you want to look up later down the road. The saying, “what goes around, comes around,” is very much true when it comes to buying important gifts. Perhaps a few years after your wedding a cousin is about to be married. If he or she purchased a lavish gift for your wedding, you’ll want to make sure that’s documented so that you can return the favor.

Keeping all of these wedding records organized and in one location will serve as an important reference tool well into the future. You’ll never know when you will want to look up the specifics of your wedding or even key dates. Hopefully you won’t to resort to your planner to look up your anniversary date, but it never hurts to write it down!

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What is a day planner? And Digital Vs. Old School Paper And Pen


A day planner helps you organize your daily schedule. Think of it as an elaborate “To-Do” list, available in paper (pre-printed) or digital format. Most day planners provide “day-at-a-glance” and “week-at-a-glance” views, with room for you to write down all of your tasks and appointments.

Printed day planners are available in multiple sizes, and require refills. Supplementary features (such as “month-at-a-glance” are available.

Back in the day (i.e., mid-1980’s), day planners were only available in paper (pre-printed) format. Thanks to the explosion of technology and the subsequent invention of smartphones, tablets, and apps, digital day planners are now available. For better or for worse.

Why you should use a day planner

Using a luxury day planner helps you manage your time. Effective time management, in turn, increases your productivity. Just as monitoring your daily spending helps you manage your personal finances, writing down your appointments and tasks helps you manage your time and avoid wasting it.That is why so many women have chosen to use our Hustle Daily as their Business Planner.

If you have multiple demands on your schedule–social, academic, professional, marital, philanthropic–a day planner can help you stay on track.

Deciding Between a Paper Planner or Digital Planner

Paper day planners and digital planners each have advantages.

  • Customization. Paper planners, for example, allow you to express your personality. You choose covers, sizes and features. You can add glitter or stickers (yes, even adults like to do this!).
  • Navigation. It’s faster and easier to flip the pages of a paper planner when you’re looking for something. The closest thing on a digital device is opening another window, or scrolling furiously. This can get tiresome if you’re looking at your phone.
  • Retention. Studies show that writing things down manually (versus typing) improves memory.
  • Neater updates. Between white-out and crossed out entries, paper day planner updates can get messy. Plus, paper day planners require refills. Digital planners, on the other hand, allow you to update multiple devices easily, with no muss or fuss. Digital planners are nice, but they still don’t have that “thing” that so many of us are looking for. I personally don’t mind seeing scratched off todo lists. Makes me feel accomplished!
  • Efficiency. If you work closely with multiple people or manage projects, digital planners can help you collaborate with great efficiency. You can schedule recurring appointments or tasks and post updates accessible to all team members or colleagues. However we still love and always write our to do lists down 🙂

Whether you choose a paper or a digital day planner, the best day planner depends on your needs and how you work best. Remember: no matter which format you choose, a day planner is only effective if you consistently it.

Interested in exploring paper day planners? Check out these paper planners.

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Keep Track of Your Wedding Details with a Wedding Organizer


What’s the key to making your wedding perfect? How come some brides appear to have it all together and some look like they are extras in “The Walking Dead”? The answer is “organization”. Some people can make it look easy, because it is easy. When you are organized.
zombie brides didnt use a wedding planning book

You have recently become engaged and are ready to start planning your wedding ceremony and reception along with all of the other small functions and ongoing events that this big announcement will entail. The most efficient method of keeping all of these details in one place is by keeping a planner where you can enter dates, times, places, and tasks that need to be completed. A truly spectacular binder to consider for all of your wedding planning needs is the “Happily Hitched” planner. Some special guidelines in using this effective tool include:

Begin Using Your Planner Early
Don’t tell yourself that you will remember all those little details when you start making preliminary and tentative arrangements. You may see items that you adore for your bridal luncheon, and then further into the year try to remember where you saw them. Planning a wedding can be very overwhelming, and it is important to begin writing everything down and taking pictures of even the smallest item that may seem unimportant at the time.

Organize the Planner for Efficiency
This planner is 122 pages long and organized into four main categories: goals, projects, financials, and plans. Each one has pages of specifics for you to enter. For example, the goals sections helps you visualize the event exactly the way you want it. The plans section lists all of your vendors, musicians, photographer, cake details, and more. There are several pages included in the planner that are designated for notes.

Add Notes and Receipts
Utilize the planner to store receipts, business cards, fabric samples, and other vital information. Having everything at your fingertips will make it easier for you and your prospective spouse to make informed choices.

Take it With You Everywhere You Go
This tool should be in your possession everywhere you go. This is particularly true when you are still in the beginning planning stages. You may become overwhelmed by all of the linen, food, music, and venue choices that you are presented with. By taking good notes, you will be able to sit down together and make your decisions quickly and efficiently.

Purchase Complementing Items
There are many other items that can be purchased with this planner. Choose from pencils that match your wedding colors, stickers, notepads, and patterned and solid tape products that will help you assemble an organized and eye appealing volume. Make this journey fun and invest in items that will help you on your way.

This wedding planner will keep you on track so you won’t have to worry about missing a single detail. Save it so you can look through it on your first and all future wedding anniversary and relive all of those hectic plans and particulars once again. You will feel so nostalgic but also relieved that you got through it with little fuss or hassle.

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How To Power Through A Bad Day


Having a bad day is not an extraordinary experience. Everyone gets one or more in a month. However, some bad days just get on our nerves, and they can disrupt our work, relationships, mental health, and lifestyle.

Some people choose binge eating or drinking as a way to relieve themselves of stress. Some, swear and yell at people to let their emotions out, only to regret it later. But you don’t have to add that one bad day to your already filled-up sack bag of stress.

There are many ways to overcome a bad day without feeling any regret afterward.

  1. Breathe

Yes, one of the key ways you can get away with a stressful situation is to breathe and react calmly. If you choose to respond to an awful stimulus in an angry, violent or negative manner, you are only adding more wood to the fire.

Don’t make the bad situation worse. No matter how difficult it is to keep your cool, do it. You will save yourself of more trouble later because you might end up either in an embarrassing or dangerous situation depending on the case.

If you want to get even by saying negative comments, think again.

Breathe and don’t respond in an angry or emotional way to people, especially at work.

Find a quiet place where you can sit down for a couple of minutes and let it all out. Breathe in and breathe out slowly.

Take your time and return calmly.

  1. Speak

There are days when you don’t feel so glamorous, and for whatever reason, you are mad at everyone.

If you think the monster inside is going to bark at anyone who touches you, tell your colleagues or friends that you are not feeling so good today and you may have a bad temper.  

It is better to inform them ahead rather than to apologize later for yelling at them out of the blue. You will end up losing friends and respect from colleagues if you give stupid excuses for shouting at them.

You don’t let it out to people, especially those who aren’t close enough with you to understand you.

If you have someone at work or home that you know won’t misunderstand or judge you, tell them about what happened. Share your thoughts with them and try to listen to them as well.

They might also have had a bad experience during the day that they want to share.

Don’t let it out on social media. If someone did something wrong to you, don’t post pictures of that person on the internet. Be considerate about how they may feel about it because they probably have issues too.

Don’t become a prey of your emotions. You can’t control the situation, but you can always control your reaction. It will speak about your personality, more than anything else.

  1. Find A Healthy And Productive Distraction

Finding a distraction is the usual advice for those who have a bad day. However, almost everyone makes bad entertainment choices.

Instead of stress- eating or drinking, you can let your creative side shine during these down moments. Try to draw or paint, write poems and stories, bake or cook. If you are at work, read something or get busy with work.

The best way to get away with a bad day is to feel productive at the end of it. If you feel rewarded at the end of the day, you will no longer feel so bad about the other half of it.

  1. Write It Down

If you don’t think you can cook, swim or do anything because you’re at work or anywhere that hinders you from doing so, writing down what you feel or think will help best.

Do you have a planner you always bring with you? A notebook, paper receipts or anything where you can write? Writing is as good as talking. If you are going to read your experiences that day in the next month, you will most likely find yourself laughing about it.

Reviewing your planner notes will also give you an idea how you’ve matured emotionally. You will find yourself foolish on some days, but you will at least know what you should improve on.

  1. Release The Negative Feelings Properly

It will also help if you know how to release your negative emotions appropriately. Channel your emotions into things that you know would calm you best.

It is not impulsive buying, binge eating or binge drinking.

Listening to music, jogging, walking in the park or practicing yoga positions are great ways for you to release the negative feelings efficiently.

Finding healthy ways to deal with negative feelings is essential according to Dr. Vik Tarugu of Detox of South Florida. He stated, “People that repress their emotions find other ways to let them out. Many of the patients that we see in our recovery center failed to find ways to deal with their emotions and resorted to chemical assistance to help them deal.”

So please go for a run, lift weights, do pilates. Whatever you need to do to relieve the stress. 

  1. Get A Good Amount Of Rest

If you think every day seems to be always a rough day for you, then there must be something that causes you to become irritable out of your control.

In fact, if you are not getting enough sleep, you are more likely to get irritable for the rest of the day.  If you think you’ve lacked sleep lately, find time to rest.

According to studies, an average human can only survive three days of no sleep, so if you’ve been sleepless for many nights now, you are jeopardizing your health.

According to the  model health podcast, host, Shawn Stevenson (one of our favorite podcasts) states that “it is not the number of hours of sleep you get, but rather the quality of those hours”. So make sure you turn off all electronics an hour or so before bed to wind down. Remove clocks or anything that throws light into what should be a pitch black environment.

One reason why people find it hard to sleep even when they’re lying in bed is they still connect to their devices. Don’t associate your bed with work, the internet or anything else except for sleep. Don’t sleep with devices on your bed or near you.

Being anxious or worried about anything is also one reason why one can’t sleep. Identify the reason why you are anxious and address it immediately.

If you think you need medical help, don’t hesitate to contact a physician. Some people develop tolerance with sleeping pills over time, and you might be dependent or addicted to it without a doctor’s prescription.

Sleep is the only way for the body to restore the cells we have lost during the day.

Sleep is not just for the weak. It is for everyone.


The quality of your life will depend on your daily activities. That one bad day can make you lose many things if you don’t handle it well.

Appropriately dealing with stress is not rocket science, it is something all creatures have evolved with ever since the dawn of life, and that skill is an ultimate need for survival.

Accept the fact that not every day is going to be blissful and that this too, will pass. Think twice and be wise with your decisions.


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The Effective Life-STARTplanners are the Best Way to Upgrade your Life


For some of us, organization and planning ahead comes naturally, but many of us need a little extra push in the right direction. It’s a process that’s well worth the work though. Researchers say that visualizing yourself succeeding something gives you an edge, so planning ahead to succeed is the best way to actually take hold of your dreams.
And if you’re looking for a simple way to take hold of your dreams (or even just make your life a little less hectic), you’ve come to the right place. You don’t need a life coach or millions of dollars or a fancy new technology, the best way to start is with a planner.

Planning ahead can help you get your dream job.
If you’re working toward your dream job, you need to first know what that job is. Now write it down some place you look every day so that you know your goal. What’s keeping you from getting it? Write a list of obstacles and plan a way to conquer them. Not qualified? Plan to take some classes online. No experience? Put in some applications to volunteer in a similar position. Schedule time to work on those activities, because if it’s in your schedule you’re more likely to do it.

A good wedding planner can help organize your fairy tale wedding.
Wedding planning requires a lot of organization, so you’ll want something big with room for expansion, but something portable enough to carry with you to appointments. Keep photos of things you like for inspiration, and don’t forget to include a budget so you can quickly check if that to-die-for dress is really in your price range.

Be a better mom.
The thing about parenting is that you spend a lot of time doing laundry and running errands and shuttling kids back and forth from schools and activities. You spend most of your time doing those things, but they aren’t the things that really matter. If you have a plan for when and how you’re going to tackle those mundane chores, you won’t spend your whole Saturday in the laundry room while your kids are watching TV. Organization and planning ahead can help you save space for quality time with your kids, where you can do the parenting tasks that really make a difference (and the ones you actually enjoy)–playing with them, listening to them, and teaching them.

Start that business you’ve been dreaming about for years.
Seriously, you can do it. Starting a new business is stressful and time-consuming, especially if you’re trying to hold on to your old job while you do it. A good planner will leave you space to dream big. Write down those dreams, and reread them when you’re feeling burned out. Schedule deliberate time to work toward your goals every day and write that in your calendar so you don’t forget. You may also want to find a planner that has space for documents so you can carry it along to meetings with lenders, vendors, clients, or partners.

Planning ahead is work, but if you spend a little more time developing a plan at the front end, you’ll find your actions are much more successful.

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Master Plan Notepad


Meet our newest “bling” member, Master Plan! We are always looking for ways to enhance your planning experience and we are excited to share with you how having a “master plan” can help you crush your goals and project lists!

1. Rolling To-Do List: Master Plan is great for making a list of tasks you need to get done throughout the week and not necessarily on a specific day. Just add a piece of STARTtape, and boom!…you’re now ready to “roll” that list over to the next day and keep hustlin’!



2. Ongoing Punch List: Have a big move coming up? Still working on your winter cleaning list? Master Plan is great for keeping up with all the little tasks that need to be completed within one larger task or project.




3. Project List: Need more space for “Action Steps” in your PLANS section of your planner? Master Plan is great for breaking your “Action Steps” into smaller action steps, and even creating a shopping list for the supplies you’ll need to complete your project. You can tape the list inside your planner with our STARTtape and easily remove when it’s time to go on a supplies run.


4. Party Planning: Planning your next birthday bash or hosting a wedding shower for your BFF? No matter the event, Master Plan is a great sidekick to your planner and can help you keep up with all the errands you need to run and tasks that need to get done in order to plan your next big event!


We would love to see how you are using Master Plan to organize your life. Share with us on Instagram using #STARTplanner or tag us on Facebook, STARTplanner.  : )

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Stop Doing Everything And Pursue 1 Thing With Reckless Abandon. The Secrets of The Highly Successful.


It’s no secret. Most people have an inner desire to be wildly successful. While most people may not overtly express it, there is a deep desire to be excellent and known for the great works behind their legacy. While this is admirable and achievable, there is one approach people take that’s the worst move to make.
In an effort to conquer the world and “do it all”, they wind up accomplishing nothing. The best way to be successful is to stop doing everything and pursue one thing with reckless abandon. This mantra completely goes against the concept of being a jack-of-all-trades. However, a jack-of-all-trades is normally a master of none. If you’d like to become a master at something, there are a few reasons why you should only pursue one thing.

1. Focus
You need to focus. If a person has a bunch of things on their schedule that are totally unrelated, it can be hard to focus. Even for things that are related, a successful person will have to turn some things down. Ryan Holiday, the author of Ego is the Enemy, explained that if he accepted all the podcast invitations he receives, this would take at least two to three hours of his day. While speaking on podcasts would build his brand and get his book to more people, he had to decide where he really wants to focus. As a writer, he continues to choose writing over everything else. This is the reason he is a master at what he does. Just like many other successful people, Ryan understands the importance of focus.

2. Length of Time
Malcolm Gladwell proposes that it takes 10,000 hours to become a master at anything. This may sound like a lot of time and it is. However, the time flies by when you’re focused on one thing and nothing else. When you spread your time between five different projects, that’s now 50,000 hours of mastery. You can’t become a master at one thing when you’re distracted by five. In this digital age, so many people are doing their best to multi-task. Fight the urge to multi-task because it’ll just take you a longer time to complete one task. Focus on one thing you’d like to get great at. You’ll find that the time goes quicker when you’re intentional about that one project.

3. Quality
If you choose to split your time between multiple projects, you’ll also compromise the integrity of the outcome. The quality won’t be as good. When the mind goes in twenty different directions, it can be really hard to build quality results that are worthwhile. One of the best ways to face this directly is through looking at your daily routine. You’ve been given 24 hours in a day. Eight of the hours are usually dedicated to sleep. A large portion of the remaining sixteen hours should be solely spent creating a quality product. Whether you’re a writer working on a book, a seamstress working on a sewing project or a pianist learning new chords, make time to produce quality. Quality work is praised and appreciated.

Open your day planner and take a look at what projects, chores and tasks fill your day. Now, revise it to reflect that one thing you’re going to pursue with reckless abandon. Remember the listed reasons and follow through. You’ll be better for it in the end.

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